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Institute of Chinese and Cantonese NPO (ICAC)

The corporation’s mission:

We are a group of Cantonese speakers who are determined to safeguard the deserved importance of Traditional Chinese and Cantonese as the world’s unique heritage languages.

Traditional Chinese can date back the original form of its written characters to the Ancient and Middle Age and is still commonly used nowadays throughout Southeast Asia and many Chinese communities worldwide as their written language. Cantonese is an official spoken language used in the Southern China Region since the Middle Age period and has been widely used in Hong Kong, Canton Province, as well as the Chinese community in Malaysia, Vietnam, Britain, Canada, Australia and the USA. Throughout the world, there are still over millions of non-Chinese or non-Cantonese in all nationalities learning or having the interest to learn Traditional Chinese and Cantonese through HK songs, movies, operas and literatures. We would like to connect all those concerned organizations to preserve, inherit and pass on these two treasures of cultural heritage. Recently, the world clearly witnesses a further setback to heritage language preservation that Traditional Chinese and Cantonese have been suppressed since Mandarin and Simplified characters have become Mainland China’s official language. As more and more Chinese and Cantonese people are forced to leave their hometown to non-Chinese nations, there is a surge in the calling for preserving and promoting Traditional Chinese and Cantonese in their new communities and throughout the world.

In view of a language genocide for so long, there is a strong need of an NPO in the USA to unite all those organizations and individuals in the learning, teaching, and promoting of Traditional Chinese and Cantonese. We therefore find it urgent and legitimate to uphold Traditional Chinese and Cantonese through the setting up of a non-profit organization, based in the USA.

The corporation’s purposes:

to promote Traditional Chinese and Cantonese worldwide

to gather all resources and connect all parties concerned

to educate Cantonese learners in their own languages

to train the teachers who can use their native languages to teach their own people Traditional Chinese and Cantonese

to set up international educational institutes and organizations worldwide with the head office based in the USA