Institute of Chinese and Cantonese NPO (ICAC) has been established ! 2022年01月

 7. January 2022

Institute of Chinese and Cantonese NPO (ICAC) has been established !

2021 is absolutely the worst year and it is also the best!

We persist. We shed blood. We “add oil”!

Our willpower has never been snatched by the act of genocide.

We, a group of diasporic HongKongers gathering together; a group of strangers in the foreign lands pouring our heart and might; a group of cultural warriors using Traditional Chinese and speaking Cantonese, unite to found a nonprofit organization registered in the United States to preserve our precious language heritage! During a 6-month preparation, we took the initiative to do the groundwork without asking for a penny of donation. Today, we solemnly announce that “Institute of Chinese and Cantonese NPO” ( ICAC, 華粵學院 ) has been officially established. It will start operating on January 1st, 2022. Our Board of Directors and volunteers are thrilled to present this newborn of hard work to every fighter far and near, inside and outside the wall. In light of a long, burdened journey ahead, your support is in great need to build and grow the Institute.

There are a couple of initial projects which we earnestly invite you to participate:

  1. to connect people or organizations in Hong Kong and beyond to donate books, audio, visual and any educational materials, in Traditional Chinese and/or Cantonese, to the United States and other countries.
  2. to search for a site to establish the Institute for in-person teaching and promotional use.
  3. to develop a web-based platform that supports ICAC teachers to promote, recruit and teach.
  4. to provide web-based education with classes and curriculum for learners and teachers.
  5. to conduct on-site teaching and promotional activities at the Institute as well as to receive visiting learners, supporters and volunteers.

Welcome your participation to help us in the following ways:

  1. to design the Institute’s logo.
  2. to raise money and gather resources, books and audio/visual materials.
  3. to promote/forward/share/communicate broadly and connect those interested.
  4. to collaborate with us or become a member of the Board, a committee member or a volunteer.
  5. to join hands with learners, teachers and related individuals and organizations.

You are welcome to click here ( and join our Facebook group ( to learn more about the mission and the purpose of ICAC. To help us coordinate with limited resources, please email us at ICAC.NPO@GMAIL.COM if there are any enquiries, donations, gifts or any way of participation. We will respond to you ASAP.

Wish each one of us a super thriving 2022. Let nothing stop us from fighting a tough war vigorously and brilliantly. No regrets in this vulnerable but challenging life. May God bless you all. May God bless Hong Kong. May God bless ICAC.

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