ICAC Calling All Artists to show your creative talent and win a prize! 2022年01月

 7. January 2022

Institute of Chinese And Cantonese (ICAC)

Calling All Artists to show your creative talent and win a prize!

Logo Design Contest organized by a newly setup NPO in the US.

2022 marks the launch of the Institute of Chinese And Cantonese (ICAC, 華粵學院), a nonprofit organization registered in the United States, to preserve and promote Traditional Chinese and Cantonese globally. We need your help to design a distinctive logo that best represents the Institute in all publicity materials and media platforms.

Judging criteria that will be employed by a Judging Panel comprising the Board of Directors and founding volunteers of the Institute are:

1st Prize US $100 2nd Prize US $60 3rd Prize US $40 Rising Star Prize US $20 each, up to 10 counts

Deadline: 2022.2.1 0:00 US EST

Important notes:

  1. All submissions must be in high quality image digital format by graphic design standard.
  2. Originality is mandatory with no infringement on any copyright. Contestants are required to sign a Declaration of Originality for each design submission and to be held accountable for any legal consequences in case of violation. All liabilities caused by copyright infringement will not be borne by the organizer.
  3. All submissions should include the name of the designer (can choose not to disclose the name to the public) and corresponding email address.
  4. Results of the Judging Panel are final and should be respected.
  5. Organizer has the rights to make refinements for the prize winning design and exclusively owns the copyright for business use by any means.
  6. Method of payment will be communicated via email upon announcement of the prizes.

Any entries and/or questions, please email icac.npo@gmail.com

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