Letter from CEO Kwai Chu So 2022.03 2022年01月

家書 2022.03 蘇貴珠





CEO letter 2022.03 Kwai Chu So

A little progress each day adds up to big results. Let’s keep rolling. Let’s add oil!

Since the establishment of ICAC on Jan1, 2022, her Directors, Chief Executive Officer and volunteers have not had a single day off in the past three months. At her 3rd month, 32 individuals are assigned to different groups to work on tasks based on their skill sets and passions. The seven groups are Language, Teaching, Fundraising, Youtube/Website, Social Media, Design and Documents. All groups are in full swing to promote, connect and train.

I am proud to report on what ICAC has achieved so far. There was a worldwide logo design contest completed with great success, a complimentary online Cantonese class offered to first time non-Cantonese speaking learners and trainee teachers, 2 online gatherings for parents, teachers and volunteers, 6 experienced teachers have posted their self-promotion at ICAC website, 9 videos created or edited for various ICAC’s social media. Last but not least, I was on 4 media interviews from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US to raise public awareness of our Institute. In just three months, ICAC has been growing from a one-person entity into a group of 32 volunteers, without getting any penny in return, but even donate to ICAC or pay for her daily operation cost. Contestants and donors are pouring their hearts into our nonprofit group by signing up as volunteers. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to all of them!

Things never get easier, so we just have to keep going! ICAC has entered into a new stage, and it is necessary for us to build and maintain an efficient, cooperative and cohesive team to reach the next milestone. Our first and foremost priority is to continue working on forming and developing a stronger group - encourage team members to play to their strengths, to participate and voice their opinions, and to work hand in hand towards our common goal “Restore our Chinese! Revive our Cantonese!” A strategic planning meeting of all members has been scheduled on March 29,2022. I believe that new plans and project ideas will be created at the meeting. Stay tuned!

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