Cantonese Storytelling Creative Talent Show 2022 廣東話講故事 創意才藝匯演 2022 2022年01月

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廣東話講故事 創意才藝匯演 2022




對象:6 -12歲孩童 或 親子家庭

費用 : 全免

• 截止報名日期:5/20/2022 (星期四)  午夜零時零分(美東時間)

• 報名方法:按此連結




1. 活動將以廣東話進行。每項表演限時3分鐘,逾時大會將中止演出。

2. 參加者可選擇以個人或團體(不多於3人)形式表演,歡迎家長與子女一同參演,親子家庭參加人數不限。

3. 參加者可用原創故事或坊間讀物作表演藍本,但為確保故事內容傳遞正面信息,參加者必須於5/27(星期五)或之前提交故事文稿,以便大會審核。

4. 參加者可運用創意,請自備道具、背景、音效、服飾及化妝等。

5. Zoom連結及注意事項將於5/29 (星期日) 公佈及電郵予參加者。

6. 出場次序將由大會抽籤決定,參加者不得異議。

7. 未能按時出席者,可選擇於5/30 (星期一)或之前遞交錄影以便匯演當日播放,未能提供錄影者,則作棄權論。

8. ICAC保留播放或中止演出權利,參加者不得異議。

9. ICAC有權錄影整項表演及以任何形式錄製及播映,同意書於報名後電郵給參加者簽署。

10. 如有任何活動查詢,請聯絡ICAC教育組

Organized by Institute of Chinese and Cantonese

Cantonese Storytelling Creative Talent Show 2022

Date: June 2nd, 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 5 pm US Eastern Time

Format: Live performance presented on Zoom Video Conference

Audience: 6 – 12 years old children or parent-child families

Fee: Free of charge

Registration deadline: May 20th, 2022 (Thursday) midnight (US Eastern Time)

Registration: Please click

Participants will receive comments from experienced Cantonese teachers on the spot after the performance and will be presented with an electronic certificate of appreciation afterwards.

Details of the Activity:

1. The Activity will be conducted in Cantonese. Every performance will be allocated three minutes and asked to halt in case of overtime.

2. Participation can either be individual or in a group of no more than three people. Parents and children are welcome to perform together as a family unit with no limit in number.

3. Participants can use the story of their own or published materials as a performance blueprint. However, to ensure that the story content communicates positive messages, participants must submit the story script for review on or before May 27th (Friday).

4. Participants are encouraged to be creative to use their own props, backgrounds, sound effects, costumes or make-up etc. for the performance.

5. Zoom link and important notices will be announced through email on May 29th (Sunday).

6. The order of performance will be determined by lot drawn by the organizer and no objection will be allowed.

7. For those who are unable to participate live, they can choose to submit pre-recorded video clips on or before May 30th (Monday). They will be played during the show. Lack of video clip will forfeit the participation.

8. ICAC reserves rights to play or terminate the performance. No objection will be accepted.

9. ICAC reserves rights to take video of the performances and show the video by any means. Consent Agreement will be sent to the applicants for the event to sign.

10. For any inquiry about the Activity, please contact ICAC Teaching Group at